Vorsicht beim craften nach dem patch`?

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Vorsicht beim craften nach dem patch`?

#1 Post by Sephiroht » 23.10.2009, 07:35

bin hier in nem forum auf was gestossen... ka ob ihr das auch festgestellt habt, aber nach dem patch scheint was defekt zu sein mit der crit-chance:
Race: Undecided
Server: Azphel

I just crafted 232 (50+50+50+50+32) gold rings, and 0 critical. Yes 0/232.
I am not sure whether I am bugged, I have send petition to NCsoft and waiting for reply.

BTW, this happened after new patch today.


More from friends today after patch:
0/113 in a row (food)
0/76 in a row (chain armor)
0/75 in a row (alchemy)

So now I am pretty sure there is something wrong with craft system after the new patch today.

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