Official starComa-statement for Dynamis-Beaucedine 4th June

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Official starComa-statement for Dynamis-Beaucedine 4th June

#1 Post by Dev » 06.06.2006, 01:23

Official starComa-statement for Dynamis-Beaucedine 4. June 06

The Dynamis-Calendar

There wasn't a central communication while starComa was founded.
Back than I checked all other Dynamis Linkshell Websites for their runs (Obsidian Explorer and at some later point UnsentLimit). I also gave our Website to other linkshell leaders so they could contact me if there was a problem with our raid shedules. But I also mentioned that we had a slight advantages for raiding times because of the timezone differences and we would use this advantage if we need to.

I'm still bound to my Linkshell and not to others.

4. June

Lady luck wasn't on our side so we lost 2 of our Beaucedine Runs before June 4. because of some unlucky Mega Boss pulls. But in order to make a Run for the dynamis lord we needed at least 1 win. Thats why I made the change in the Calendar on the same day (May 31). The only "mistake" I did was that I gave no extra notification about it to obsidian. (reason follows)

At the 4. June I got some tells from at least 5 Obsidian Members/leader which weren't let's say "quite nice" except from Kittkatt.

How did Obsidian manage to get the Hourglass?

On that day 1 sCa member couldn't show up but also needed that win, so someone without endgame experience played his char. This guy put his hourglas in his bazaar too early (before he entered dynamis). This glas got bought by Obsidian and used to make other glasses.
On KI they said they recived the glas from someone who didn't agree with the decision to do Beaucedine. This is a plain lie!

Qtipus and Zackily used that glas for mpking. Qtipus pulled mobs to us. This action was followed by a total wipe and some casulties before that. Qtipus called these Death as "Collateral Damage". Zackily casted dots on mobs which we slept. Both of them got an official Warning because of MPK on their Account. Zackily also bought Hourglasses from our Members out of their Bazaars so they got kicked out of the Area.

Ladyrikku from "Obsidian" (I don't know excactly who) got the order to Loot on every drop. But this didn't happen. Some people of obsidian got their win for this Area from our work. People wrote on KI that we wouldn't have won this fight without an Eagle Eye Shot from Obsidian. Fact is that we already got Mega Boss down to 5% than he killed 4 sCa Member with Chainspell Death, that means 30 other player were left for less than 5%. To claim we wouldn't have won without obsidian is just ridiculous.

Qtipus always wrote he didn't want to destroy this run he just wanted to slow us down. But excactly that would have happened if the gm didn't remove them both. And just this was the goal of Obsidian which waited outside.

Why Obsidian didn't get informed?

In May we delayed 3 different runs for Obsidian, but actually we don't have to because of the time differences like I already mentioned above. Once when we really needed that run we got into a big discussion with Obsidian because they planned a Dynamis Lord run and some of their EU members needed the win. So we offered to take the EU members with us so they won't lose their chance to get the win. This offer was refused by Obsidian (Qtpius) with the reason that Obsidian won't need any help. At that point I decided that I'd close the direct contact to them.

I want to add that Obsidian planned the whole Month already. At first this might sound like a good planing, but that causes more Problems. Short Example: If I'd schedule Xarcabard for every Sunday nobody would say "Because you said you take Xarcabard first this Area is yours for the whole Month".

Is there something left?

- We got impended that the Dynamis Lord run with Aelita together on 18. June will get sabotaged and also our next run at Wednesday.
-There is an Announcement to flood my delivery box with worthless Items on the Obsdian boards.
-People claimed more than once that every linkshells uses the dynamis calendar but what about Explorer? They don't and they never did. Kitsume posted the Explorer runs nothing more or less. At that Time explorer didn't respect the other already scheduled runs.
- opened 2 drama threads (the first got deleted) on Killing Ifrit which both contains alot of wrong facts and insults against our LS.

As a last word, we want to say what we have done wasn't nice at all. We want to apologize to the members of obsidian which we delayed by ~90 mins that day. However we dont think that justifys what obsidian has done to us, and is still doing.


Personal Note - I don't write this as sCa leader

Kitsume claimed that we insulted here on a racist base. Kitsume relates to some sort of Tellbomb (not initiated by us) with the message "Please use the Dynamis Calendar.". Some part of my social Linkshell "Turbopuschel" was involed in that but not starComa. From our site definitely never came any racist comments just the sentence I mentioned.

Qtipus claims that I want to kick someone from the LS who is shown on this screenshot:
Its fact that this person is proposed to take over a leading role in our Linkshell and that hasn't changed in any way so there is no possibility I'll kick this person.

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- Dev

acknowledged by the sCa leadership
translated by shila
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