Could you help me in my question....

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Re: Could you help me in my question....

#1 Post by Aodat » 26.06.2010, 13:49

Erste frage wer bis du ?
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Re: Could you help me in my question....

#2 Post by Ihnako » 27.06.2010, 09:10

Zweite Frage - Wieso?
Dritte Frage - Wieso in englisch?

To answer your question - the PM-button is a fake.

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Re: Could you help me in my question....

#3 Post by Shila » 28.06.2010, 18:38

How to write PM messages:

To really understand how to write a PM we first have to realize what a PM is. So here is a small pointer to the nature of a PM
A personal message or private message, often shortened to PM, is like an e-mail sent from one user to another user on an Internet forum, bulletin board system, social networking site (such as Facebook), or chat room (such as Internet Relay Chat).

Personal messages are more anonymous than regular e-mail messages because the e-mail address and IP address of the sender and recipient are not made available, except to administrators and sometimes moderators.

This feature is usually implemented on Internet forums and Internet Relay Chat. Internet forums frequently allow the use of BBCode in personal messages, and in some cases HTML.

A form of PM can be done by any server-side language, such as PHP, Perl, etc. to let the user write the message then submit it. By the code written in that server-side language, the message, with its body, subject, places the record in the database.
Now we can finally work on the small steps you have to do in order to write a PM.

Step 1a)
You click on the marked area.

Step 2a)
Again click on the marked area you should find it on the left hand side.

Step 3a)
a) You enter the name of the person you want to PM
b) After entering a name you click b) button.
c) The name you entered you appear where the arrow is pointing (the name has to exist)
d) Now you write down the message you want to deliver and after that push the c) marked button.

Congrats you sent a PM

There is also another way to archieve your goal

step 1b)
If you see a post of the person you want to pm you click on the marked button

step 2b)
after clicking the button you get to the same window of step 3a) but here the name is already in place and you just have to enter a subject and the text you want to send.
and again click the marked button.


I hope this small guide helped you in making your internet journey a little more pleasant.

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