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#1 Post by Xeniens » 01.06.2009, 00:10

1.) Your characters' in game name:Xenien

2.) Your lvl 75 job(s) that are geared. (We don't care about "retired jobs"):RDM MNK PLD SAM WAR RNG NIN

3.) Please list all appropriate subs for your above jobs:DRK WHM BLM DNC

4.) What timezone are you in, are you comfortable with our events are scheduled for CET? EST and yes

4a.) Most member in this Linkshell are german, are you comfortable with linkshellchat might be in german? (Important information and directions will be in english of course.) Its fine

5.) Please list your character name on any previous servers you have been on (if applicable)"N/A

6.) Do you know any members in the shell who can vouch for you? (not necessary but helps)

7.) How long have you been playing for? 4 years

8.) Please list all previous dynamis experience:All wins except tav

9.) What items are on the top of your wishlist (to obtain from this shell): Duelist Chap Dueliest Tabard

10.) What is your progress on CoP Missions? DOne

11.) Do you have Teamspeak? Are you willing to use Teamspeak for Dynamis? (it's not a must have but a very nice to have, if you dont have mic but can join TS so you can hear us is ok) can get it

12.) Did you read and understood all the rules?Yes

13.) Are you absolutely sure you read all the rules and found the super secret password we hid in there? None

14.) Is there anything about yourself you would like to add? nah

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